Garage TDI

Garage TDI is the result of the merging of three existing companies with their base in the province of Drenthe in the north of The Netherlands: DJT DE Reus, Dancetheatre ZiRR and Theatrecompany NiznO.

Garage TDI wants to make its contribution to the development of children and young people into curious, emphatic and broad minded human beings.

Garage TDI makes professional dance- and theatre performances for children and young people between the age of 4 and 18. Performances are brought where the audience can be found, in schools, in festivals and in special locations. Garage TDI plays big stories for small people: it is theatre that touches the young in their heart and soul; contemporary, challenging and touching. The performances contain layers, they excite different ways of watching and therefore address the adult spectator at the same time. They are performed in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Garage TDI offers an education facility for young talent between the age of 14 and 21 years of age. The Garage TDI talent education prepares for the official higher education theatre school: young people can experiment with different forms of theatre and create and play different productions. Garage TDI has a special youth theatre school for kids ( Dynamo) between 6 and 18 who like to play theatre.

Garage TDI has its own education service. It develops educational material which accompanies the performances. It also creates special workshops, theatre days and learning curves as well as theatre, dance and multimedia activities for use within primary and secondary education.

Workplace Water-front


The workplace Water-front in Assen is an independent meeting place where you can learn, work and experiment. It really breathes the atmosphere of a workplace because of its mobile units, large walls of glass and its authentic garage attributes. It is the location for cultural activities for young people, technical workshops offered to schools, theatre performances for children and young people, expositions and symposia for students and businesses.

The workplace offers facilities in multiple ways and fields: it contains studio’s (dance and theatre), there is a theatre performance hall, a workspace for designers and visual artists, there is a technical media laboratory in which innovative developments take place in the field of new media and (sensor) technology, it contains a kitchen, a bar and several workspaces and multi-functional rooms for meetings, expositions and other events.

Rental services

Garage TDI offers rooms for rent in workspace Water-front. Do you need an inspiring location for a meeting, or a place for rehearsal, a bar and hall for a party? Workspace Water-front is the right place for you! We can arrange all kinds of facilities, but if you want to arrange it all by yourself, that is completely fine. You are invited to come and view the premises and discuss the possibilities: contact Rick Ploeg at or 0592-795412

The medialab

The medialab is a place for film creation as well as presentations and performances around theatre and the virtual world. The place is fully equipped to make a film with special effects.

The Mouse who travels

 A journey of adventure

Together with his wife Souris and the children, mouse Dingeman travels around the world in the cosy nest behind the number plate of a tourist coach. They are all very happy, until the moment when he – by pure accident- misses the ferry in Dover. He watches how his whole family sail away in the fog. He shouts: “Come back!” and “I love you!”. But the ferry is too far away….

Luckily he gets a lot of help from puffin Alky, from the Antillean Sula Bassana bird Wesley and from Fatima, a camel from Maroc, from the Turkish donkey Geland and from many other special animals who are often hardly comprehensible.

The mouse who travels is a follow up of the success performance Housemouse and deals with forein languages, other cultures and funny habits.

Text and director: Henk de Reus
Acting and puppets: Annemiek Funneman
Music and Vocals( gitar, flute, violin, double-bass):Marjet Spook
Design: Louise CaspersCostum: Aafje Horst
Photo: Louise Caspers
Target group: performance in the theatre: age 4 until 9; performance in school: group until 4
Subject related: Dutch, Creative orientation and  and Self-orientation and the world: Space

Duration ca. 45 minutes

Maarten the sparrow flies out!

 Back in The Netherlands, after a world tour through Taiwan, Curaçao, South Africa and China.
An exciting storytelling performance with old and new media.


I am Maarten, Maarten the sparrow.
I live at a farm, in a nest under the shed  of the farmer.
The nest where I live is gloomy and dull… My Mum is a bit dismal and sad.. Do you know why?
My Dad, Herman the sparrow, has died. That is not very nice..I want to cheer up my Mum and pick a  petal of the Victoria Amazonica, the most beautiful flower of the world. But that is very far away…I might not find my way back later…

I will wait till you come and watch, maybe that I dare to go for it then.

Bye, bye Maarten the sparrow

Tekst and director Henk de Reus
Acting and music Annemiek Funneman, Sijmen de Jong
Design and costume Hadewych ten Berge
Target group open performance: 4 until 8 years of age; schools: group 1 until 4
Subject related: Dutch, Creative orientation and  Self-orientation and the world :Nature and technology.
Duration ca. 45 minutes
Season January until  April 2016
Maximum numbers of visitors in school/community venue 90, school performance in the theatre 125, theatres/open performance 125